The Best Way to Pass a Drug Test through Knowledge

When it comes to yielding a negative result in a drug test, one of the most important steps that should never be skipped by test takers who are preparing for the test is doing research and learning about the relevant drug testing facts. These facts can guide test takers on the procedures that will be taken by drug testing laboratories when it comes to facilitating the drug test and the number of days that certain chemicals can stay in the body. By knowing these facts, test takers can amply find the best way to pass a drug test without raising any suspicions. Here are some of these facts.

It Is Best To Read About Drug Tests Beforehand Even For Unemployed Citizens

Ordinary citizens, including those who are unemployed, may be ordered to take a drug test at any given time especially if they already have a civil disobedience record. This is because drug tests can be ordered by government officials to help the community ensure peace especially in a tight-knit neighborhood in which citizens know each other or are close acquaintances of one another. Reading about drug testing facts ahead of time can help citizens who have been exposed to certain substance increase their chances of yielding a false negative result since they will have enough time to test remedies and procedures.

Positivity Rates Can Go Up Or Down

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In a study conducted by Quest Diagnostics, it was revealed that the positivity rates of hair drug tests can go up or down without any warning. The conclusion was formulated after the company’s survey regarding the drug test results of the American workforce from 2008 to 2012 in which they took note of the positivity rates of each year. In their study, it was revealed that 2008 had the highest positivity rate of 7.8 while 2012 yielded the lowest positivity rate of 5.6. Conducting this study also enabled them to discover another trend in which those who are tested for other reasons aside from pre-employment had the highest positivity rates. According to their study, 10.11% of people who were tested for other reasons aside from pre-employment had positive results. These trends just goes to show that the positivity rates can go up or down and that drug test takers should not rely on low positivity rates when it comes to passing their drug test.

Yielding False Positives For Marijuana Is Possible And Highly Likely

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In the same study that was conducted by Quest Diagnostics, it was revealed that those who were tested for Marijuana had the highest positivity rates. In 2011, 4.8% of drug test takers tested positive for Marijuana, making it the substance with the highest positivity rate from 2008 to 2012. However, one thing worth noting about this outcome is that this figure includes those who have yielded false positives which can be quite common. Unknown to many, taking a prescription drug named Protonix can trigger a false positive in a drug test. This medication is commonly prescribed to patients who are suffering from stomach acid problems and other digestive problems. Several researchers also claim that several cold medicines can also trigger a false positive in a drug test. This just means that those who have never been exposed to Marijuana should still try to learn about the different ways on how to pass a drug test.

Drug Tests Are Also Administered To Teens And Younger People

Even though most teens and younger people are not yet eligible for work or employment, they can still be subjected to drug tests since many educational facilities turn to mass screenings in order to ensure that none of they do not have any intoxicated students who might harm other students and staff. This proved to be very useful since it was revealed through many research and studies that almost 5% of students in schools back in 2001 have been exposed to cocaine. Considering the fact that it has become a lot easier to acquire cocaine and other illegal substances as the years went by, this number have incredibly risen. This is why more and more educational institutions conduct random drug tests more frequently. Hence, it can be extremely useful for parents and guardians to learn how to pass drug tests so that they can prevent their sons and daughters from yielding a false positive which can ruin their chances of getting into a reputable college or university or getting immediately hired after graduation.

These are just some of the facts that drug test takes should learn before taking the said tests. Without knowing these facts, it can be very difficult for test takers to have ample time to prepare for such a test. This is why it is best to immediately read about these facts and the best way to pass a drug test even if they think that they will not be asked to take a drug test anytime soon.