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Home Remedies for Drug Testing

People tend to get very creative when it comes to finding ways to pass urine, hair, and saliva drug screenings. Some solutions seem viable while other solutions appear to be off the wall. Real or concocted solutions abound, and many people swear by these solutions. Of course, it’s hard to tell if these home remedies really work, and making a mistake when facing a drug test can be a possibility that you don’t want to face.

Some people swear by adding bleach, water, or vinegar to their urine drug screens in order to pass these types of tests. There are plenty of people who have done this, but with no real documented success. In fact, the only thing that will happen in these cases is that you'll have an invalid drug test.

Drinking copious amounts of water might dilute your urine, but the test that you take will come back as inconclusive, even if you also take B complex vitamins to color your urine. The reason being is that labs do an adulteration test on the sample before actually testing it for drugs. In this case, the B vitamin will color your urine so it doesn’t look diluted, but your creatinine levels will be low, and a creatinine test is one of the adulteration tests done during a urine drug test.

There has been some success reported with users who have tried drinking cranberry juice and taking cranberry supplements along with B complex vitamins. Of course, the users who used this method generally had a couple of weeks to prepare for tests and the drug metabolites may have already been out of their system when they took the test. Also, most people who are being drug tested are informed of it on short notice, so they don’t have that kind of time before a test.

For a hair test, shaving your head might work, but there’s always the rest of your body hair. Labs will take pubic, chest or even leg and arm hair. The first thought is just to shave the entire body, but then you can be asked to test at a different time, or you may have to take another type of test. And it could be a test that is more difficult to pass then a hair test, like a fingernail test for example.

It’s best to try a solution that is a professionally prepared and tested option, one that can be purchased online or in a store. This gives you a better chance of passing instead of relying on the advice of people who may or may not have actually had drug metabolites in their system when they were tested. Making a mistake with this sort of test can have far reaching effects for users in many ways. Isn’t it better to be safe than sorry? carries a wide range of reliable solutions to help you pass the different types of drug tests you may be faced with. And most importantly, while not free like home remedies, their products are much more dependable. You should ask as many questions as possible before purchasing any solution. Click here to go there now.