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Drug use these days is quite common for people. While some use recreational drugs at home, many do have crippling addictions. Some people even do drug to the detriments of themselves, their relationships and even others. That is why drug … Continue reading

Drug testing is the process of checking if a person has ingested illicit drugs and if he or she has it in the system. This works by taking a sample from the person, like urine, blood, or even hair, and … Continue reading

Welcome to Help Me Pass A Drug Test

help me pass a drug test

If you’re being faced with an upcoming drug test you probably have a lot of questions. The articles on this site are designed to help educate you on drug testing and recommend different ways to pass a drug test.

Drug testing is an invasion of privacy. We feel it’s ridiculous that certain states have actually legalized marijuana, but at the same time, passing a drug test is still required for employment in these same states.

The articles and blog postings will focus on urine and hair drug testing since these are the most popular tests given today, but you can find information on the other types of tests as well. The site is updated frequently when new information or products comes along.

With the right planning, knowledge, and products, it’s very possible to pass your upcoming test, however it is not 100% certain. Please use the contact us form if you have any stories or information that you can share with others regarding how to pass a drug test.

how to pass a drug test