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Synthetic and Human Urine

Being subjected to a random urine drug test can be problematic. Using a temporary or permanent detoxification product won’t usually work in this circumstance because you won’t know when the test will be given to you.

You can’t use urine additives anymore. Most labs can detect these substances easily, no matter what most manufacturers claim. You will certainly fail if you try using one of these methods, and worse yet, the lab and whoever orders the test, will know that you attempted to beat the drug test. So, what are your options?

The only real solution for randomized urine screening is substituting urine. If you plan on using a human donor, you will have to:

1    Find a donor who does not use drugs or prescription narcotics
2    Maintain the sample to a few degrees of body temperature to pass the lab’s temperature check
3    Conceal the urine sample or have a dispenser type apparatus on your body to pour it into the sample cup.

Is Synthetic Urine and Dehydrated Human Urine Legal?

There are some states that have passed laws against using, selling, or trying to circumvent a urine drug test. These states usually won’t allow promoting these types of products, either. However, there is no Federal law against using, selling, or promoting these products, nor is there a Federal law in place making it a crime to use these types of products to circumvent drug testing. As of this writing, use of these products to defraud drug testing is prohibited in NE, OR, TN, VA, FL, AR, TX, PA, SC, OK, KY, AR, IL, NC, and NJ.

Is There A Difference Between the Dehydrated Human Urine and The Synthetic Urine?

If the product is good, both sample types will yield results that are negative for drugs and adulteration. However, some people prefer to use dehydrated human urine because they prefer to work with real human urine. Those who choose synthetic prefer not to handle someone elses urine. Again, if the product is good, either option is appropriate, and no issues should occur.

Be prepared to pass a urine drug screen at a moment’s notice by purchasing dehydrated human urine or synthetic urine today. carries both forms of urine, but the products can only be shipped to those states where it is not illegal. If you’re interested in learning more about these products, please visit by clicking here.