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Urine Additives

Anyone facing an unannounced urine drug test before has probably considered obtaining urine additives. A urine additive is defined as something you would put in your sample cup at the testing facility to obtain a negative urine drug screen. Additives can be anything from vinegar or bleach, to more sophisticated professional formulas that can be purchased online. It might seem like the easiest way to go, however, urine additives may not be the best solution for a few reasons.

Urine additives may be sought out because additives are much easier to use than concentrated urine. In fact, additives are one of the most common strategies used to defeat urine drug tests, although not the most successful. Urine additives work in two different ways. Some additives use chemicals to destroy toxins in the urine, while other types of additives block the test from being capable of detecting toxins that are present.

The main reason they’re not successful is because testing labs are all over additives. They already know how to detect the household ones like bleach, vinegar and water dilution. The professionally prepared ones are an interesting case. You can be these online under a few different brand names, and they will work for a time, until the lab gets hold of them. Once the lab has them they know how to detect them, and then that urine additive version will be obsolete.

But then the additive manufacturer will change the formula so it’s not detectable. Then at that time the labs will prepare their testing to be able to detect that version. The result is a cat and mouse game between the labs and the additive manufacturer. The biggest issue here is that you’ll never know what version of additive the lab can now detect. You may purchase and use a version that has been picked up by the labs already and you will fail. It’s rare to be able to successfully fool today’s sophisticated urine drug screenings with this method.

A second reason that urine additives are dangerous is because in some states, using, selling, or promoting urine additives is illegal. Being caught using a urine additive can pose several significant legal problems for you:

    ● Your test results can be inconclusive
    ● You may be disqualified from retaking the drug test
    ● You could be prosecuted for trying to circumvent a drug test

Lastly, in many cases, urine additives aren’t effective or the additives cause urine drug tests to be inconclusive. This isn’t helpful, and could potentially be harmful, depending on the reasoning behind your need to take the test. In many cases, tests are court ordered and the penalties for deception are much worse than actually failing the test. It’s not worth the risk in most cases to use urine additives. Use a temporary or permanent detox product that really works and avoid using urine additives if at all possible.

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