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Urine Flushing Drinks

If you’re currently worrying about how to pass a urine test, help is available through products such as detoxifying drinks and pills (also known as urine flushing drinks). These types of substances work by preventing drug metabolites from passing through your urine during a specific frame of time.

When you smoke marijuana or otherwise ingest an illicit fat soluble drug, your body breaks it down and releases the drug metabolites into your bloodstream. The metabolites then attach themselves to your fat cells. The drinks and pills then flush out whatever drug metabolites may be in your bladder.

Of course, these products generally work better if a period of time elapses between the urine drug test, and the time that you last smoked or used any drugs. If you’re a heavy user with a higher drug metabolite level, at minimum you’ll probably require about 48 hours between your last use and the time you take the test when using a urine flushing product.

Users who don’t use drugs regularly might be able to get by with using within 24 hours. Your personal body metabolism also has something to do with the process as well. All bodies are different and break down substances at different rates. Lastly, urine flushing drinks are less effective on those who are overweight. carries three urine flushing products: Conversion Factor, Max Cleanse, and Power Flush. These are effective detoxifying products for people who are facing a urine drug test. These products are intended to be used within a few hours of urine screening.

Urine flushing products (also known as temporary systems) clean drug metabolites from your urine effectively for up to four or five hours, long enough to pass a drug test (best results are seen in the second and third hours).

These products don’t mask any toxins. The products actually flush drug metabolites from your urinary tract for a set period of time. The temporary products are intended to be used when you have a limited amount of time prior to a urine drug test.

It is best to keep in mind that to achieve an adequate level of detoxification, the product you use should be of high quality. Low quality detoxification products may not be able to restore sufficient amounts of creatinine in your urine. This could cause you to have an inconclusive urine screening result.

Most urine screening tests consist of two tests. There is the drug detection portion of the test, and there is the adulterant test that determines if the sample has been diluted or tampered with. There are six different types of adulterant tests that can be performed. One of the most widely used determines the level of creatinine in your urine. If the creatinine is too low, you will fail this portion of the test. The test will be classified as inconclusive drug test. Worse still, you could be disqualified from being retested.

Conversion Factor, Max Cleanse, and Power Flush are high quality products that rarely produce inconclusive results and offer users the benefit of only a 3% reported failure rate for urine drug screenings. Visit by clicking here to learn more about these products today.